Utility Services is a utility network management company, specializing in electricity and water reticulation management.

We provide utility management solutions to accommodate smart-wallet, prepaid, and conventional metering for electricity, water, and sanitation. Our solutions can be used to accommodate any type of metering, including single installations, residential complexes, and/or commercial property networks.

The online platform allows for instant access to the consumer’s consumption data, which displays data in increments of daily, monthly, and yearly consumption. Therefore a user can take control of his/her consumption without the hassle of queues or unexplainable accounts.

Multiple payment options are available to Top Up and fund your utilities account/wallet through our web portal, smart app, or any point-of-sale device, reflecting transferred/paid monies instantly, which effect automatic reconnections of electricity meters.

Our offering also includes risk management through the balancing of sub-metered reticulations and monitoring of all online meters.

Telephonic Support Services are active 24/7/365, with the backing of mobile technicians for any metering issue.